Water an issue as Mandra residents try to clean up

Water consumption in the western Attica town of Mandra has shot up tenfold since last week's deadly floods as residents continue to deal with thousands of tons of mud that have inundated their homes and stores.

As one of the few parts of the region where the water network belongs to the municipal authority instead of EYDAP, Mandra has had to ask for help from the state water company in Athens and has also applied for emergency funding to repair parts of network that were damaged in last week's flash floods.

The Interior Ministry on Friday approved 250,000 euros from a special drought fund for this purpose.

"Daily consumption these days has been above 5,000 cubic meters. It has been so high, our pipeline cannot supply the municipality's tank with adequate quantities and we've had to bring in private water-carrying trucks to prevent any supply problems," says EYDAP...

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