Salma Hayek Enjoys having a Dog from Bulgaria

Source: Twitter

Another actress is raising a dog from Bulgaria at home. It's Salma Hayek, who had fallen in love with a stray dog in 2014 when she was filming a movie in our country.

The actress noticed the puppy, who was temporarily placed in a shelter, and returned to her country with him. It was called Ocho, which in Spanish means "eight". Salma Hayek does not hide her love for animals. In her ranch, there are about 50 animals, including dogs, cats, hens, goats, turtles, rabbits, horses. Before they got into her house, all the actress's dogs were on the street.

Last week, Salma's colleague Gerard Butler posted a photo on his Instagram account. The actor shared that he was a proud adopter of a puppy from Bulgaria which stole his heart.

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