Vulin: Zaev does not know how to respect Serbia's friendship

Serbian Defense Minister Aleksandar Vulin says FYROM (Macedonia) Prime Minister Zoran Zaev "has not kept his word."

Vulin's reaction came after Zaev - asked whether his country would support Pristina's UNESCO bid, said Pristina should "count on Macedonia's support in all processes."

"As (Serbian) President Aleksandar Vucic announced earlier this month, the Macedonian prime minister has not kept his word. Although he made a public promise to abstain on the issue of KiM (Kosovo and Metohija's) membership in UNESCO, and that this would be proof of friendship toward Serbia, Zaev decided to support Pristina," Vulin said in a statement on Tuesday, and added:

"Zaev in this way demonstrated that Vucic knows people and circumstances well, but also what the Macedonian prime minister really thinks about Serbia."

Serbia and its president are friends of Macedonia and its...

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