Only 6% of Bulgarians Decided to Use the Opportunity to Take Out Their Insurance Online

Only 6% of Bulgarians have taken the opportunity to take out their insurance online. This became  clear from a sociological survey of the online insurance platform 24ins to increase consumer confidence in insurance and insurance products.

"Most insurance products are unclear to consumers, as we can see from questions asked by our users - for example, whether Third Party Insurance for car covers damage after disaster," said Yasen Kucinski, managing director of, quoted in a press release.

Usually the end of the year is the period when the Bulgarians renew their  Third Party Insurance for their motor vehicles.

It turns out, however, that a lot of people do not know what insurance is and what benefits it gives. The main function is that it covers the responsibility to others. So in the event of damages from us, "Civil Liability" provides compensation for the vehicle or property without fault, explained

What does the obligatory policy cover?

- property damage up to BGN 2 million;

- non-pecuniary and pecuniary damages due to bodily harm or death up to BGN 10 million, regardless of the number of injured parties.

However, in the cases where the damage is intentionally caused, the insurer has the right for reimbursement of the benefits paid by the insured person after alcohol, drugs, refusal to check for alcohol and drivers without a driver's license.

There are 42 insurance companies in Bulgaria, 394 brokers and 19 249 agents.

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