"Fate of SNS-led government will be decided in Belgrade"

People's Party leader Vuk Jeremic says the opposition's core is made up of his party and the PSG movement, who are in favor of a broader opposition front.

He believes that the fate of the SNS-led government will be decided in Belgrade.

"Everyone from the true opposition is welcome, the Democratic Party, the DJB (movement), and the Dveri. The opposition front has begun to expand and we showed that we can reach agreement. It would be rational for the opposition to agree on a joint appearance (in Belgrade as soon as possible," he told TV Nasa.

Jeremic said that the "backward system" can only be changed by "striking the dragon to the head" and pointed out that local elections in Belgrade represent "a good opportunity that should be used."

Commenting on Dragan Djilas' accounted run for Belgrade mayor, Jeremic said that the People's Party will soon decide whether to support him, and recalled his previous disagreements with the former Democratic Party leader, but added that "personal vanities must be put aside."

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