Kosovo ready to receive any help in probe

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic spoke with Hashim Thaci on the phone about the murder of GI SDP leader Oliver Ivanovic.

"Two interlocutors agreed that the dialogue between Serbs and Albanians, as well as joint work on calming and stabilizing the situation in Kosovo and Metohija, is crucial for both sides," the statement said.

Vucic and Thaci spoke about the murder of Oliver Ivanovic and shared their regret, agreeing that the detection and apprehension of the perpetrators of this terrible criminal act is crucial to preserving peace and trust among people.

President Vucic once again asked from Thaci to accept the involvement of Serbian state authorities in conducting an investigation into the Ivanovic murder in order to solve this gruesome crime in the shortest possible time, the statement concluded.

Thaci wrote on Facebook that during his telephone...

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