Animal Protectors Protests Against the Sending of Two Lions to Pazardzhik

A protest against the decision of the Razgrad municipal councilors to send the rescued lions Theresa and Maxwood to the zoo in Pazardjik is organized by the Four Paws and the Wildlife Foundation on Tuesday. At 12 o'clock they will meet before the Council of Ministers to ask the lions to be moved to a rescue center in the Netherlands who has the conditions and the specialists to take care of them. The dissatisfaction is also directed against Prime Minister Borisov and Ecological Minister Neno Dimov, who a month ago engaged in such a decision on animals.

The lions were born in September 2017 in the zoo in Razgrad, trampled by larger animals in the cage. Theresa and Maxwood were taken out of the zoo and rescued by environmentalists and volunteers. As a result of an extraordinary meeting between Prime Minister Boyko Borisov, Environment Minister Neno Dimov and the Chairman of the Four Paws Association Yavor Gechev it was decided that the best option would be to send the lions to a rescue center in the Netherlands and then to be sent to the Republic of South Africa.

At the end of last week, however, the municipal councilors in Razgrad decided to send the lions to the zoo in Pazardzhik. According to "Four Paws" and "Wild Animals," the newly built cells in the zoo do not meet the needs of the two rescued lions, whose condition is still unstable. At the Zoo in Pazardzhik, however, they admit they have no experience with such animals, much less they know how to take special care of them.

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