A Turkish Military Convoy has been Attacked in Syria, There are Casualties

Source: Twitter

Members of the People's Self-Defense Force (YPG), which according to Ankara are linked to the forbidden Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), have attacked a Turkish military convoy in the northern Syrian town of Idlib, daily Sabah reports.

According to released information, the attack was committed on Tuesday with a vehicle loaded with explosives that were detonated. A civilian officer died in the attack, two other people were injured, one of whom was a military official, according to a statement from the Turkish army, quoted by Focus. The text recalls that the convoy was located in Idlib as part of an international agreement to establish deescalation zones. Deployment in the Northwest Syrian region began in October last year under an agreement reached with Russia and Iran in the framework of the peace negotiations for Syria in the Kazakh capital Astana.

The creation of decommissioning zones was agreed in May between Turkey, which supports groups that oppose the Bashar Assad regime in Syria, and Russia and Iran, which support the government in Damascus.

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