FYROM gov't partner calls for swift name solution in Kathimerini interview

The leader of the junior coalition party in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia believes Athens and Skopje should settle the ongoing name dispute with an agreement of good-neighborly relations rather than putting the issue to a public referendum.

Speaking to Kathimerini, Ali Ahmeti of the Democratic Union for Integration, the country's largest ethnic Albanian political party, says the "best way to settle the [name] issue is the model of good-neighborly relations signed between Skopje and Sofia, developed by the two governments and ratified by the two parliaments."

Ahmeti, who is also the former political leader of the Albanian National Liberation Army (UCK), argued that there will be no better time than the present for Greece and FYROM to settle their differences, warning that if a solution is not found, this may threaten the unity of FYROM and present-day border....

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