Actress Stoyanka Mutafova at the Age of 96 - Again on Stage


And on her 96th birthday, the great Bulgarian actress Stoyanka Mutafova will be on stage at the Satirical Theater. She will play again at "Stoletie moe", according to BGNews.

I want to meet my hundredth anniversary! "Stoyanka Mutafova turned to the audience, who had filled the big hall of the Satirical Theater to the end of her 2017 birthday, when the legendary actress turned 95 years.

"I'm sure you will all be here and I will be very happy," the actress said at the time, under the wild applause of the audience, who came to watch their beloved actress in the show "Stoletie moe", in which she plays an elderly lady who celebrates 100th birthday with her daughter, granddaughter and granddaughter.

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