Weinbaum: Jasenovac exhibition worst I've ever seen

"The setting in Jasenovac is one of the worst exhibitions I've ever seen. This is a true example of blurring the history of the Holocaust and Croatia is not the only country to do it," said Dr. Laurence Weinbaum, President of the World Jewish Congress, after visiting the memorial site of the infamous Ustasha Jasenovac camp. He was shocked that the way of showing the people the Ustasha tortured and killed in one of the most horrible concentration camps in Europe during the Second World War was shown in this way.

According to him, the setting was also technically badly set up and wrongly conceived, and he added that he had to kneel to see some parts of the collection.

Dr. Weinbaum is a long-time diplomat, he dealt with the suffering of the Jews, taught about the history of the Holocaust, and is one of the best connoisseurs of the events in the camps opened by the Nazis...

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