Deputy PM Birchall: Active participation and open administration - essential conditions for a more inclusive society

Open administration and civic participation represent essential conditions in order to build a more inclusive society, a more performing and equitable economy, and a more transparent democracy, Deputy Prime Minister for implementing Romania's strategic partnerships Ana Birchall stated on Monday, according to a release of the Executive sent to AGERPRES.

The Romanian official appreciated that "the exchange of good practices in the area of open government can be an important support for our country in further implementing certain commitments, such as those regarding the transparent public procurement, open data or access to information of public interest."

Birchall participated on Monday, in Milan, in the European Open Government Leaders' Forum.

The debates' main objective, which was attended by European political leaders and representatives of the EU civil society, was that of identifying solutions for improving the civic participation in public policies.

Moreover, on the sidelines of the event, Romania's Government representative had bilateral meeting with Program officer for Romania within the Open Government Partnership (OGP), Georgia's Justice Minister Thea Tsulukiani and Italy's Minister of Public Administration and Simplification Marianna Madia.

Deputy Prime Minister Ana Birchall underscored that Romania is ready to assume a better connection of citizens in the act of governing, in agreement with the principles of the Open Government Partnership, the quoted source mentions.

"I assure you of the Prime Minister 's determination and that of Romania's Government in acting in accordance with the principles of the Open Government Partnership, in a more active manner, for a better involvement of citizens in the actual act of governing," Birchall said in the speech that she delivered on this occasion.

In the message conveyed within the European Open Government Leaders' Forum, she emphasised that "the moulding of the public polices' processes and the public administration services, in agreement with the citizens' direct interest represents a main concern of Romania's Gov't." "We are determined to act transparently and stimulate a wider participation of the public in the gov't activities, so that the citizens' voice be better heard," she stated.

Furthermore, the Deputy PM pointed out that the engagement at all levels of society is needed so that the principles of open government be successfully implemented.

"We need all national and local institutions, the academia and the business community to show a real interest, to actively participate in drawing up and implementing the National Plans of Action. Concepts such as e-government, citizens' budget, open standards on contractual data, open education, open data, open Parliament, cities and sustainable communities should not remain at the stage of ideas. On the contrary, these concepts have become part of everyday life and we must use them more for the good of our citizens," Ana Birchall stated, as quoted in the release. AGERPRES (RO - author: Oana Ghita, editor: Andreea Rotaru; EN - author: Rodica State, editor: Simona Iacob)


Photo source: Ana Birchall / Facebook

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