Popular Serbian Actor Nebojsa Glogovac Dies

Serbian actor Nebojsa Glogovac had died in Belgrade having been admitted to the Institute of Oncology ten days ago, which is when media reported that he was seriously ill and that his health condition was serious.

Glogovac was born on August 30, 1969 in Trebinje, southern Bosnia, into a family of Orthodox priests. The family moved to Pancevo, Serbia, when he was seven years old.

He had a minor role as a schoolmate of Slobodan Popadic in the then popular series "Better Life" [1987].

He interpreted numerous roles in television and theatre and he became very popular with a role in the Serbian TV show "Family treasure".

One of his last roles was in the TV series "Nemanjici - Birth of the Kingdom" where he interpreted the role of Vukan, the eldest son of Stefan Nemanja.

Glogovac won fame beyond the borders of Serbia. He was also well known in most of the former Yugoslavia.

Apart from his artistic talent and remarkable roles, Glogovac will also be remembered for some of his political statements - one of which described the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, ICTY, as anti-Serbian.

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