UN Resolution Against Iran was Blocked by Russia


The UN Security Council resolution, in which Iran has been named as an accomplice to the missile strikes of Yemeni rebels against Saudi Arabia, has been blocked by Russia, the news agencies reported. The draft document, filed with the United Kingdom, supported by France and the United States, provided for sanctions against Tehran due to arms supplies to the Hussites in violation of the embargo.

The Council approved another draft resolution proposed by Russia. With it, the arms embargo for Yemen is prolonged for a year, but no provision is made for measures against the violation of Iran's bans.

Russia's Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Vasily Nebenzya , did not acknowledge the findings of the investigative case and said the guilt of Iran was unproven.

US Ambassador Nikki Hailey has accused the Kremlin of defending the Iranian regime.

British representative Jonathan Allen stressed that the panel's conclusions could not be ignored simply because they were politically uncomfortable with Moscow. In his words, Iran has to take responsibility for its actions.

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