Two Greek Troops Held in Turkey For Accidentally Crossing the Border

Two Greek troops are being held by the Turkish army since Thursday morning for accidentally crossing the Greek-Turkish border on Evros, Ekathimerini reported.

The Hellenic Army General Staff (HAGS) announced on Friday that the two Greek troops were patrolling the border at a forest area at Kastanies, near Evros river, amid stormy conditions. They accidentally stepped into Turkish territory and were detained by the Turkish army.

The statement noted that the two Greeks, an officer and a soldier, were forwarded to the Turkish city of Edirne for questioning. They are said to be healthy and well.

HAGS stated that the routine procedure for their return to Greece is already underway.

Observers note that usually such an incident would end within minutes, as such an accidental crossing of the border is quite common. However the two Greek troops were forwarded inland for further examination, given also that one of them is a second lieutenant.

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