Trump's Chief Economic Adviser Resigned

Source: Twitter

Donald Trump's Chief Economic Adviser, Gary Cohn, Director of the National Economic Council, resigned, reported AFP and Reuters.

Cohn was firmly opposed to the President's decision to impose import duties on steel and aluminum. He tried to dissuade Trump from his intention, but the head of state confirmed yesterday that he would impose the duties in the coming days, AP notes.

"I was honored to serve my country and introduce policies favorable to Americans in support of growth, in particular the adoption of a historic tax reform. I thank the President for giving me this opportunity and I wish him and the administration great successes in future, "says a brief statement by Cohn.

Trump praised him, despite their disagreements: "Gary did a great job of implementing our program by helping to introduce a historic tax reform and re-liberate the US economy."

Conn joins the long list of Trump's close associates who left their positions in the White House in recent months.

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