Not very nice: Hashim Thaci owes half a million euro to ex-ICTY Geoffrey Nice

Gazeta Express got hold of a letter that the British lawyer Sir Geoffrey Nice addressed to the so-called Government of Kosovo, when he reveals a scandalous history involving Hashim Thaci and his team. The letter shows that Thaci owes almost half a million Euro for his professional engagement with the Government of Kosovo.

Sir Geoffrey Nice was very famous after the war in Kosovo for leading the prosecution of ex-Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic at the Hague Tribunal, who was facing war crimes charges during Kosovo war in 1998-99. Nice left the Hague Tribunal in 2006 and later was offered by the London Review of Books to write an article about Dick Marty's report and other allegations being made against Kosovo and its leaders at that time, including President Thaci. In his article, Nice concluded that there was "very little if anything" of substance in the Marty report and...

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