The Chinese Parliament has Lifted the Restrictions on the President's Term

Source: Twitter

The lawmakers at the congress of the People's Assembly voted to lift the restrictions on the presidency in the country, which opens the way for the life-long management of the head of state, Xi Jinping, reports bgnes. 

So far, the posts of the president and his deputy could have been held for two consecutive five-year terms. 2,958 delegates approved the measure as part of a package of changes to the constitution of China.

Only two MPs opposed, and three abstained. MPs also approved a constitutional amendment to add to the basic law the name and ideas of Xi Jinping for the "development of socialism with Chinese specifics in the new era". According to the amendment, in the preamble to the constitution, where the names of Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping are already listed, the phrase "under the salient ideas of Xi Jinping for socialism with Chinese specifics in the new era" will appear.

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