Senior official Ciamba, Polish Deputy ForMin Cichocki discuss common security issues

Secretary of State for Euro-Atlantic bilateral and strategic affairs with Romania's Foreign Ministry (MAE) George Ciamba on Wednesday welcomed visiting Polish Deputy Foreign Minister Bartosz Cichocki to discuss current affairs of shared interest in the field of common security.

According to MAE press statement, the two officials' dialogue highlighted that the full implementation of all measures to ensure the NATO presence on the eastern flank in a coherent, balanced and comprehensive manner remains a priority objective of the two countries.

The two senior officials also reiterated Romania's and Poland's commitment to continue acting as active contributors to the promotion of security and stability in and beyond the Euro-Atlantic area through active involvement in managing security threats to the Alliance, irrespective of their strategic provenance.

In the same context, the latest security developments in the region were mentioned, with Ciamba highlighting the developments in the Black Sea region and the situation in Ukraine.

Another topic addressed in the conversation regarded regional initiatives in which the two countries are involved, with emphasis on their strategic dimension (B9, the 3 Seas Initiative). The importance of dialogue and cooperation within the Bucharest / B9 format was emphasised. The attention paid by Romania and Poland to this format was highlighted, emphasising its relevance to preparing the NATO summit meeting this summer.

The two senior officials also addressed the Salisbury attack and its implications, expressing solidarity with the United Kingdom, strongly condemning the use of a neurotoxic agent on the soil of a NATO member state.

Also highlighted was a large number of states that have resorted to expelling Russian diplomats, not just NATO and EU members, but also their partners in the immediate vicinity of Russia - Ukraine and Moldova.

The two officials stressed the increased relevance of 2018 as well, when both countries celebrate their national centennials: the Greater Union in Romania and the Independence of Poland.

On the NATO front, mention was made of the importance of the summit meeting to be held in July 2018 and the need to continue efforts along the two major dimensions of action in Warsaw, namely strengthening the defence and deterrence posture, along with designing stability in the vicinity. AGERPRES (RO - author: Mihaela Tudorache, editor: Florin Marin; EN -author: Corneliu-Aurelian Colceriu, editor: Rodica State)

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