Congress Returns to Zuckerberg Hearing

When Congress returns Monday from a two-week recess, all eyes will be on Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg as he takes the hot seat in two congressional hearings over the latest privacy scandal involving Cambridge Analytica, reported CNN. 

His widely-anticipated testimony comes after the social media company revealed Cambridge Analytica, a data firm associated with President Donald Trump's campaign, may have had data on 87 million of its users. The information came to light as questions continue over Russia's meddling in the 2016 election.

To address concerns about fake content, Facebook announced a big set of changes Friday, saying it will now label all political and issue ads, and showing who paid for them, and it will require anyone who wants to run a political or issue ad to verify their identity and location.

While Zuckerberg has taken questions in recent weeks from news outlets, including CNN, his testimony before Congress will put the embattled CEO in a higher pressure setting with lawmakers expected to grill him for hours, with Russian meddling as a major underlying topic.

A source familiar with the matter says Zuckerberg is meeting Monday with lawmakers, including members of committees that are holding his hearings. The office of Florida Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson said that he'd be among those lawmakers meeting with Zuckerberg on Monday.Trump actions, Cabinet issues overshadow tax messageZuckerberg's high-profile hearings may draw attention away from what congressional Republicans hoped to focus on this month: the tax law they passed that they believe is the kind of major accomplishment that should convince voters to keep them in the majority. GOP leaders plan to tout the tax cuts around the April 15 filing deadline and...

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