Bulgaria can Open the "New Silk Road" to Central and Western Europe


Bulgaria could become a bridge for Chinese cargo and open the "New Silk Road"(One Belt One Road Initiative) to Central and Western Europe, said Transport Minister Ivaylo Moskovski in response to a question on the Trans-Caspian transport corridor, reports Bgnes.

The Minister reminded , that on November 7, 2013, the leaders of three of the leading companies in the region - "National Kazakh Company Temer Zolly AD, Azerbaijani Railways AD and Georgian Railways JSC are united around the idea of ​​establishing a Coordination Committee for the development of the Trans-Caspian International Transport Route in order to increase the freight flows between Europe and Asia. an initiative of transport companies from China, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey to transport cargo from China to Europe and back on the Trans-Caspian route surrounding Russia.

In April 2016, KTZ Express, ADY Express, GR Logistics and Terminals, Azerbaijan Caspian Ship Company AD and ADY Container signed an agreement to set up an International Trans-Caspian Transport Consortium with the following tasks: developing logistics products with a high degree of customer orientation, searching for customers both to the east and west to increase the efficiency of using the available rolling stock, organizing and monitoring the container transport of TMTM; establishing a long-term partnership with foreign partners in the main trading countries of the Consortium, attracting more freight traffic to use the TMTM and its services In December 2016, a decision was taken to establish an International Trans-Spanish International Transport Route Association , which began operating in February next year. The members of the Association are commercial or non-commercial organizations interested in...

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