EULEX knows who is responsible for murder of journalist?

Members of the EULEX who were investigating the murder of journalist Xhemail Mustafa considered the behind that assassination is Nazim Bllaca, a paid killer.

He is today a protected witness of the EULEX, learns the Journalists Association of Serbia (UNS).

Unidentified assailants killed Xhemail Mustafa, in front of his apartment in Pristina on November 23, 2000.

There is no fundamental investigation on Mustafa's murder to date, although the UNS source, which is very credible in his capacity, believes that that EULEX has a lot of knowledge about that murder.

Bllaca, a penitent witness, who helped EULEX to raise four large indictments for murders and organized crime, placing in the center Azem Syla, former head of the KLA command, later a senior leader the Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK) led by Hashim Thaci.

- Bllaca was an assassin who stood behind every big, well-paid murder, whether they were orders from the top of the parties formed from the KLA faction, and led by Hashim Thaci and Ramush Haradinaj, or high-ranking Kosovo politicians as Azem Syla, Gani Geci and Fatmir Limaj. Bllaca committed the most egregious and heinous murders that occurred in Kosovo from 1998 to 2005, a high-ranking source from international missions, said to the UNS.

In order to verify these allegations, the UNS addressed Nazim Bllaca attorney and EULEX for permission to interview a protected witness. Blaca's attorney Burhan Qosha responded to the UNS that for the approval is needed to address to EULEX, while EULEX replied that they could not approve such an interview.

We have also asked EULEX if there is an information that Bllaca is behind the murder of Xhemail Mustafa and whether he is eventually responsible for the murder of other journalists? We asked if EULEX will prosecute Bllace for the murder of Mustafa and is it expected to launch an investigation in this case? We did not...

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