Half-marathon Closes Sofia's Center


Sofia's half-marathon is today. The beginning is at 9 o'clock, it starts is in front of the temple "St. Alexander Nevsky".

1 500 people have signed up for the marathon. The organizers' message is for a healthy and more active Sofia. The citizens, who will not participate in it, should bear in mind that the event usually leads to changes in the organization of the city's traffic.

The route will begin from "St. Alexander Nevsky than." ''Oborishte'' blvd.", ''Vasil Levski'' blvd, " Tsar Osvoboditel" blvd., across ''Knyazheska garden'', crosses the boulevard." Evlogi and Hristo Georgiev'', "Borisova garden'', back crosses the boulevard." Evlogy and Hristo Georgievi ", ''Knyazhevo Garden'', crosses" Vasil Levski "Blvd., ''Tsar Osvoboditel'' Blvd., ''G. S. Rakovski'' Street, next to " St. Al. Nevsky ". Road traffic should be stoped during the 3 to 5 minutes of the marathon.

It is forbidden to stay and park the vehicles as follows:

- from 12.00 on 11.05.2018 until the end of the event on 13.05.2018 of the northwest arc of "Sv. Alexander Nevski "between" Oborishte "Str. And" August 11 "Str.
- from 17.00 on May 12, 2018 at Oborishte Str., between "St. Alexander Nevski "and" GSRakovski "Str.
- from 07.00 am until the end of the event on 13.05.2018 at the parking lots of "Sv. Alexander Nevski "and Oborishte Str., Between" St. Alexander Nevski "Blvd and" Vasil Levski "Blvd. are closed the bazaars for artistic works.

Road vehicles are not allowed as follows:
- from 17.00 hours on 05.12.2018, pending the completion of the event on 13.05.2018, on the street. "Oborishte" between St. "GS Rakovski" street. "August 11".
- from 09.00 hours until the event on 13.05.2018 on:
- Oborishte Str. between "GSRakovski" Street and "Vasil Levski...

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