Bulgaria Again Has Gold Medalists in Mathematics


The Bulgarian national team was excellent at the XXXVth edition of the Balkan Mathematics Olympics (BOM) held in Belgrade between May 7th and 12th.

The children won 3 gold and 3 silver medals, competing with 107 students from 17 countries. In the ranking, Bulgaria for a second consecutive year is the first with a total score of 230 out of the possible 240 points, announced by the Association of the Olympic Science Teams.

This year the Bulgarian Mathematics team was as follows:

Kiril Bangachev, 12th grade, SMG - 40 points, gold medal;
Evgeni Kayryakov, grade 10, SMG - 40 points, gold medal;
Borislav Antov, 11th grade, SMG - 40 points, gold medal;
Konstantin Garov, 12th grade, MPPM Burgas - 36 points - silver medal;
Christian Vassilev, 11th grade, FEMM - 38 points, silver medal;
Atanas Dinev, 12th grade, VIPMG Burgas - 36 points, silver medal.


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