British Prisoners Renovated Wheelchairs for Sofia Hospital "Pirogov"


The National Association of Resource Teachers, with the support of the British foundations Physionet and Frontline Bulgaria, donated 16 wheelchairs to UMHALSM "NI Pirogov", the wheelchairs were renovated by British prisoners, Ani Ivanova from the association announced.

"We donate a middle-class wheelchairs (world-wide), which very few people in Bulgaria can afford. They are functional. They are a good example of what should be the wheelchairs in Bulgaria, "stressed Ani Ivanova.

Deputy Executive Director Prof. Nikolay Gabrovski accepted the donation on behalf of the hospital. "On my behalf and on behalf of the hospital management, thank you for the donation, I think these carts will be of help especially for the small children's hospital that is being formed in the Pirogov Specialized Children's Complex. , they will contribute to more comfort in the treatment of patients. "Thank you again," Prof. Gabrovski said.

The National Association of Resource Teachers has established itself as a professional non-governmental organization that assists children, families and specialists for inclusion and personal development. It brings together professionals working for the full integration, inclusion and education of children with different opportunities and needs in the general educational and social life. Over the past two years, the organization has helped 400 Bulgarian families and children with disabilities with help from the British  Physio Net.

Physio Net is a non-governmental organization established in the United Kingdom in 2005 to provide physiotherapy and mobility equipment for people with disabilities in developing countries. The equipment is checked and registered at the PhysioNet depot in North Yorkshire. Members of the organization find...

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