Material for the Production of Amphetamines Worth around EUR 0.5 Billion was Detained at Varna Port

The precursor substance detained on Friday, 25 May, in Varna, could have been used for amphetamine production worth 500 million euros. This was stated by Deputy Director of Customs Agency Julian Mirkov, who said that on the black market a kilogram of the substance is used to produce 10,000 tablets at a price of about 20 euros.

The APAA (alpha-phenylacetoacetamide) powder used to manufacture narcotic substances was found in a container unloaded from a ship at the Port of Varna-West. Initially, a quantity of 6 tonnes was reported. Subsequently, however, it is clear that the precursor is 2.5 tonnes and the rest is citric acid.

The credit for the detection of illegal trafficking is entirely to the customs authorities as they used the method of risk analysis. The cargo has come to the attention of two departments - "Customs Intelligence and Investigation" and "Combating Drug Trafficking" at Customs Varna. The initial X-ray examination did not detect any irregularities. The amphetamine-containing substance was carefully arranged to mislead customs officers.

However, after unloading, it became clear that 100 out of a total of 300 25 kg sacks contained the banned APAA substance. The forbidden substance was in the same pack as citric acid, explained Julian Mirkov.

The goods were loaded in China. Varna was not the end point, revealed the District Attorney of Varna Vladimir Chavdarov.

Investigators have clarity as to where the substance was ordered, where it was intended go and who was the recipient of the document. However, this information was not disclosed in order not to interfere with the investigation.

There are still no detained. More action is forthcoming, and after gathering the necessary evidence, charges will be brought,...

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