Pipeline plants 400,000 trees and shrubs in northern Greece

As a part of a reforestation initiative that is already under way, the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) has pledged to plant 400,000 trees and shrubs in areas of northern Greece. According to TAP, the company has undertaken to reforest land which has been cleared and graded during the installation of the pipeline. This also includes the 4-meter corridor alongside the pipeline, which for legislative and safety reasons cannot be replanted with deep-rooted vegetation. Consequently, TAP has committed to plant trees that have been lost elsewhere, based on the recommendations of the local forestry commissions of Alexandroupoli, Soufli, Rodopi and Serres.

The local forestry commissions selected the appropriate trees for reforestation, opting for species that facilitate the healthy development of forests, restoring deteriorated areas and protecting land which had been exposed to...

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