A daughter's perfect gift: Art on silk

It all began with a daughter looking for a special gift for her mother. Given that her mother was an artist, what could be more beautiful or unique than her own artwork printed on a silk scarf?

The gift excited the recipient, Aikaterini Athanasiadou-Poutetsi, a painter known for her abstract, expressionist paintings and vibrant use of color. For journalist Christina Poutetsi - the daughter in this story - the gift marked the beginning of a new creative endeavor. If paint is the message and silk the canvas, can art become fashion?

The answer is certainly "yes" and the Art & Fashion Project proves it.

After much thought and countless trials, Christina has designed five square scarves (90x90) with the abstract works by he mother. Made with 100 percent silk twill with a handmade finish, the scarves were constructed by a silk artisan in the northern Greek region of...

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