Over BGN 50 Million Needed for the Repair the Bulgarian Army's Helicopters

Defense Minister Krasimir Karakachanov has introduced the government with an estimate of the funds needed to repair the helicopters on the ground. According to the Minister of Defense for the restoration of the airworthiness of part of the available helicopter equipment of our aviation are needed only a little over BGN 50 million is needed.

Karakachanov pointed out that the proposals for amendments to the PPA should be agreed with the Public Procurement Agency. He specified that it was only for orders related to the repair and maintenance of the combat equipment.

The Minister also noted the possibility of having pre-contracted repair contracts to be performed in the presence of funds in order to avoid delays caused by appeals procedures with the plants that have to supply the spare parts.

In response to a question Karakachanov confirmed that there is currently no single M-17.

There must be money for more helicopters, no one imagined that such a catastrophe would happen, the minister said. According to him, Kuger helicopters can also be used in the event of fires, but much less inefficient because they can carry just over 1 ton of water, compared to 3 tonnes for Mi-17.

We can turn to some private companies in Bulgaria who have similar helicopters as well as to our neighbors and partners, the minister said.

Karakachanov pointed out that it is inappropriate to comment on the possible causes of the Mi-17 helicopter accident, in which two pilots died before the competent authorities had their say. 

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