We show up, things go haywire - FM reflects on London trip

The Berlin Process gathering in London that brought together Western Balkans leaders could not go without something "short-circuiting," says Ivica Dacic.

"It's been confirmed that wherever everyone from the region gathers, some short circuit occurs. British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson didn't even come to the gathering, because he resigned. Should we go to some other countries, too?," the Serbian foreign minister asked jokingly.

Dacic was speaking on Tuesday in Belgrade, during a Tanjug/ATA organized conference on Serbian-Albanian relations, and used the opportunity to also "apologize" to European Parliament official Eduard Kukan.

"I've said it already - either you allow us to join the EU, or you'll disintegrate," he said.

Kukan picked up on Dacic's joke during his address, when he said: "About that, I have something to tell you - if you are planning your upcoming visits, please don't travel only in Europe, include some others in your plans, too."

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