Vucic to Haradinaj: There will be no war, but...

President Aleksandar Vucic says he hopes that "it will not come to war" and that "a solution will be found for Kosovo."

Vucic spoke after Kosovo PM Haradinaj said that a partition of Kosovo, as far as he was concerned, "meant war."

Nevertheless, as the president pointed out, any delays would have negative consequences on other issues.

Vucic said this comment by Haradinaj was "neither the first nor the last" of its kind, and expressed hope that things would never come to war, but instead to some sort of solution.

"Since we can see the statements of Hashim Thaci - it's impossible that you (Pristina) talk and demand everything, and say, 'we are waiting for an answer'.. It's not an agreement if you tell us - everything is ours, and you just recognize us. There will be no agreement there," Vucic said.

He reiterated that reaching a deal was very important. "I know it's hard for people, they prefer nothing to ever be agreed on, to delay, but it cannot be delayed, because on other matters it will be increasingly more difficult and (we will be) in a weaker situation," Vucic said.

He underlined that it was "in our interest to resolve this issue, if possible, and if not - it will be neither the first nor the last attempt to reach an agreement."

Reaching it, he continued, "would be a great thing for the future of Serbia."

"Am I an optimist? I am not, but we will fight and I don't care what those who hackle and cheer for the stone that someone is pushing to the top of the hill will say. I have no fear. I think about the future. I was elected because of that and that is why the people gave me so much support in the elections," Vucic said, referring to his political opponents in Serbia.

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