Athletics: Romania wins Balkan Championships, with 23 medals

Romania won the top spot in the general ranking of the Balkan Athletics Championships held in Stara Zagora (Bulgaria), with 23 medals, 9 of which were gold, 8 silver and 6 bronze.

Greek followed on the second spot, with 8-9-5 (22 medals) and Serbia ranked 3rd, 8-2-2 (12 medals).

In the women's competition, Romania won 5 gold medals, 5 silver and 3 bronze (13 in total) claiming the top spot, followed by Bulgaria, 4-3-2 (9) and Serbia, 4-1-1 (6) etc.

In the men's event, Greek ended first, 5-5-2 (12), followed by Romania, 4-3-3 (10) and Turkey, 4-3-3 (10) etc.

The gold medalists for Romania were Andrei Gag, in the triple jump (20.19 m), Alin Alexandru Firifca, in discus throw (63.76 m), Laviniu-Madalin Chis, in 5.000-m run (14:26.07), the men's relay race team 4x100 m (Costin Florian Homiuc, Alexandru Terpezan, Ionut Andrei Neagoe, Petre Nicolae Rezmives - 39.48), Florentina Costina Iusco in the long jump (6.59 m), Claudia Prisecaru in the 3.000-m obstacles (10:05.89), Lenuta Petronela Simiuc in the 1.500-m run (4:20.81), Sanda Belgyan in the 400-m fences event (56.69) and the women's relay race 4x400 m (Cristina Daniela Balan, Camelia Florina Gal, Sanda Belgyan, Bianca Denisa Razor - 3:33.56).

The silver medalists were George Catalin Zaharia in the javelin throw (75.92 m), Ionut Andrei Neagoe in the 200-m race event (20.88), the men's relay race team 4x400 m (Cristian Radu, Constantin Andonii, David Iustin Nastase, Robert Parge - 3:08.29), Bianca Florentina Ghelber in the hammer throw event (68.88 m), Cristina Simion in the 3.000 m-run (9:31.69), Florina Pierdevara in the 1.500-m run (4:22.94) and 800-m race (2:09.01), the women's relay race 4x100 m (Ana Maria Rosianu, Ioana Teodora Gheorghe, Roxana Maria Ene, Marina Andreea Baboi - 45.55).

The bronze medalists were Cosmin Trofin in 800-m race (1:48.31), Robert Parge in 400-m race (46.44), Ionut Andrei Neagoe in 100-m race (10.42), Angela Morosanu in the long jump event (6.48 m), Florina Andreea Necsoiu in javelin throw (52.24 m) and Bianca Denisa Razor in the 400-m race (52.96).

Ranking 4th were Nicolae Marian Coman in 1.500-m run (3:45.37), Georgiana Iuliana Anitei in triple jump (13.46 m), Daniela Stanciu in long jump (1,84 m), Bianca Monica Lazar-Fazekas in hammer throw (65.72 m) and Cristina Daniela Balan in 800-m race (2:09.54).

Ranking 5th were Andrei Razvan Deliu in the pole vault jump event (4.80 m), Mihaita Andrei Micu in hammer throw (61,96 m), Cosmin Ilie Dumitrache in 110-m fences (14.44), Lenuta Burueana in weight throw (14.05 m), Anamaria Nesteriuc in 100-m fences (13.44) and Marina Andreea Baboi in 100-m race (11.74).

Ranking 6th were Mihai Donisan in the high jump event (2.15 m), Sergiu Ursu in discus throw (57.91 m), Nicolae Marian Coman in 800-m race (1:49.62) and Ioana Diana Tiganasu in discus throw (42.55 m).

Ranking 7th were Mihai Anastasiu in high jump (2,15 m), Dorin Andrei Rusu in 1.500-m run (3:50.10), Vlad Dulcescu in 400-m fences (53.72) and Cristian Radu in 400-m race (47.54).

Ranking 8th were Daniel Ionuţ Betej in 3.000-m obstacles (9:30.56), Radu Ovidiu Costache in 110-m fences (14.69) and Ioana Teodora Gheorghe in 200-m race (63.91).

Adrian Garcea ranked 10th in the 3.000-m event (8:48.60), Petre Nicolae Rezmives ended 11th the 100-m race (10.79), Ioana Teodora Gheorghe also ended 11th the 100-m race (12.0), Roxana Maria Ene ended 13th the 200-m race (25.28) and Camelia Florina Gal ended 15th the 400-m race (56.76).

According to the Romanian Athletics Federation's Website, in the 71st edition of the respective Balkan Championships, Sanda Belgyan succeeded with her score, 56 sec 69/100, to qualify for the European Championships for senior due in August in Berlin.
AGERPRES (RO-editor: Mihai Tenea; EN - editor: Cristina Zaharia)

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