Political Analyst: BSP's Vision for Bulgaria Project is a Good Move

Sofia. BSP's Vision for Bulgaria project is a good move and a necessary step for society, and it may prompt a broad discussion, political analyst Prof. Aleksandar Marinov told Focus Radio. He said it was high time for a comprehensive and long-term strategy for the country to be proposed by some of the leading political parties. It could produce an in-depth discussion if the document is successful and convinces the public that BSP has a sufficiently clear vision in the long term, it is too early now to predict the outcome, Marinov said. He added that BSP needs to prove itself as an alternative in the eyes of Bulgarians. "The current model of government leads to poor results, visible in all spheres of public life," Marinov commented. He said that GERB's leader in parliament Tsvetan Tsvetanov was not right to accuse the left-wing party of populism because any document can be criticised in that regard.

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