The Top 5 Richest People in Bulgaria

1. Vasil Bojkov

Estimated net worth: BGN 1.48 billion
Stakes in privately held companies: Nove Holding, majority shareholder in Bul Ins, sold his shares in Eurofootball. Owner of Vabo-1, casinos, hotels (Gloria Palace) and many other companies and offshore entities.
Stakes in public companies: Patishta Holding - around 60%, worth BGN 240.32 million, Moststroy - around 70%, worth around BGN 35.66 million, Railway Infrastructure Holding Company - around 78%, worth around BGN 230 million.
Owner of many paintings and a rich collection of antiques.

2. Hristo Kovachki

Estimated net worth: BGN 850 million
Stakes in privately held companies: Maritsa Iztok 3 Thermal Power Station (TPS), Pasarel Hydroelectric Power Station (HEPS), Kokapyane HEPS, Toplofikatsia (District Heating Station) Burgas, Toplofikatsia Pleven, Atomremontstroy, Municipal Bank, TV Evropa, Toplofikatsia Vratsa, Galabovo Briquette Factory, Chukurovo Mine, Beli Breg Mine, Cherno More Mine, Balkan 2000 Mine, Toplina Pension Fund, Laser and Optical Technologies, Bobov Dol TPS, Dragoman Processing Factory, New Partners, etc.
Stakes in public companies: Unknown
Hristo Kovachki is just as famous for his business as he is for being married to the pop-folk singer Desi. He is notorious for buying up property and winning privatisation tenders at prices well below market value. He often poses as a consultant to his own companies or appoints 23-year-old female students in similar positions. The acquisitions made by his companies are mostly financed by First Investment Bank, whose majority shareholder is his best man, Ivaylo Mutafchiev.

3. Mitko Sabev

Estimated net worth: 650 million
Stakes in privately held companies: Petrol Holding, Naftex Holding,...

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