A British historian's battle against the junta

The 2017 fact-based drama "The Post" revolves around the Washington Post's decision in 1971 to publish the Pentagon Papers. A similar thriller unfolded at the offices of the Sunday Times of London a few years earlier, in 1968. The contentious issue may not have brought about the downfall of the British government, but it did deliver a major blow to a regime hundreds of miles away in Greece, smashing the image the colonels' dictatorship was trying to cultivate abroad. One of the protagonists of this journalistic drama was the historian Richard Clogg.

Best known here for his book "A Concise History of Greece," Clogg's contribution to the anti-dictatorship movement, which he supported from both Athens and London, is not so well known in Greece. However, he was friends with Kathimerini's previous owner, Eleni Vlachou, and other prominent anti-dictatorship figures like Alexis...

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