Production Prices are Jumping 6.8% in a Matter of Just One Year

The National Statistical Institute reports a robust rise in producer prices in June this year compared to the same month of 2017. The total producer price index in June increased by 6.8% on an annual basis, which is a prerequisite for accelerating consumer inflation in Bulgaria. The biggest increase in prices was reported in the mining and quarrying industry - by 10.2%, in the electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply by 9.0% and in the manufacturing by 6.0%., reports

In June, compared with the previous month, the producer price index grew by 0.8%. Higher prices were registered in the mining and quarrying industry - by 5.3%, in the manufacturing by 0.8%, in the production and distribution of electric and heat energy and gas by 0.1%. The decrease was registered in the manufacture of tobacco products - by 0.6%, and in the manufacture of wood and products of wood, except furniture - by 0.1%. The domestic producer price index for the domestic market rose by 0.5% compared with the previous month and rose by 5.7% compared to the same month of 2017. Producer prices, also taking into account the turnover of companies on the international market in June, rose by 1.2% compared to May. Over the past 12 months, this indicator has risen by 8.3%

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