Message of registration plates personalized in Sweden has nothing to do with criminal case opened in driver's name

The message on the registration plates personalized in Sweden has nothing to do with the criminal case opened by the Romanian Road Police in the name of the vehicle's owner, the spokesman of the Romanian Police Georgian Dragan told a news conference on Monday evening.

The Road Police Brigade has opened a criminal case in the name of the driver of a vehicle registered in Sweden with personalized registration plates that contained insults to the ruling Social Democratic Party (PSD).

'Legally, those registration plates have no right to circulate on Romania's territory because they lack the necessary conditions (...) If we talk about the moral side, I don't get it why the people who use such obscene words in public or those who write them on walls, on fences are sanctioned by the Police according to Law no. 61/1991, but on the other hand it is alright to put such messages on their own vehicles, circulate with those registration plates on Romania's territory, then the parents in this country need to explain to their kids what this message means, this is the moral side of the story, yet I repeat, the message on this automobile has nothing to do with the criminal case,' spokesman Dragan elaborated.

When being asked by the journalists if the Vienna Convention was amended two years ago, so that the registration plates made up only of letters are allowed, Dragan answered that currently in Romania the vehicles with registration plates made up of letters only or of letters and numbers, not only letters, can circulate.

Marian Badea, a deputy managing director with the Road Brigade mentioned that the vehicle entered Romania on 17 July at western Nadlac border crossing and that it was stopped thrice, in the counties of Hunedoara, Dolj, Olt and also Bucharest.

'On 30 July, at 6 a.m., the Road police Brigade halted the vehicles wheeled by an approximately 45 yrs old citizen with personalized registration plates who was verified at the seat of the Bucharest Road Police Brigade and a criminal case was drawn in his name. In addition, his driver's licence was withheld and he was given a non-traffic-proof evidence and his registration plates were also retained during the investigation,' deputy manager Badea said.

He added that until 30 July the Road Police had not received all of the information the Police had asked from the Swedish authorities regarding the case.

Former president Traian Basescu on Monday has criticized the actions of the Police in the above-mentioned case, saying that the order forces have never drawn criminal files like they did with this citizen, when in certain counties the Szekler banner instead of the Romanian one was hoisted.

'The flunkyism of certain police heads turn Romania into a ridiculous state, as if we haven't had enough with [Prime Minister, e. n.] Viorica Vasilica [Dancila, e. n.]. On the Anthem Day, a few days ago, the tricolor was hoisted in the Szekler region next to a black flag. Also in the Szekler region, the mayors often hoist the Szekler banner on the town halls and county councils' buildings instead of the national anthem and nothing happens, no criminal case is drawn by the Police or by the prosecutors, and no news conferences are held, either,' Basescu wrote on his Facebook page.

Anyway, he believes that the young man was not that inspired with his decision to drive a vehicle with those registration plates, either.AGERPRES(RO - author: Iulia Carciog, editor: Florin Marin; EN - author: Maria Voican, editor: Simona Iacob)

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