Summer will Finally Smile at Bulgaria, Expect Warm Weather and a lot of Sun

A period of more stable weather and a lot of sunshine is coming. This indicates the medium-term weather forecast presented on Darik.
In the coming days and on Thursday this week there will still be rainfalls mainly over the western and central regions.

But from Friday to the end of the other week there will be a change in atmospheric circulation in the Balkans and the summer will return. We will enjoy some nice and typical summer days.
The weather over the country will be mostly sunny with high summer temperatures, and even in places will reach over 35-37 degrees.

In some places it is possible to have little precipitation, most of the following Tuesday, over Northeastern Bulgaria and in some mountainous areas, but because the zone of high atmospheric pressure will expand to the Balkans from the north-northwest, this will stabilize the atmosphere and serious and long rain is not expected.

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