Telekom Srbija introduces platform based on LoRaWAN

rime Minister Ana Brnabic on Tuesday attended at Telekom Srbija the opening of a new platform based on LoRaWAN technology.

It enables the connection and interaction of a large number of different devices and sensors.

Brnabic said that this was a big step forward in digitizing the country, adding that the system that was designed would enable the domestic company to sell its solutions worldwide, which would facilitate its breakthrough to foreign markets.

She pointed out that this project, done in cooperation with the private company Bitgear, has three huge successes, the first being that Telekom once again demonstrated the extent to which it is moving forward in relation to all telecommunication companies in the region and how much is trying to increase its value.

The prime minister added that the second success is that Telekom is one of the few state companies that identified the problems that domestic companies have in trying to find a technological solution.

This thing is "Made in Serbia", and in terms of innovative knowledge and technologies, because all materials for making domestic, even plastics, explained Brnabic, adding that this is the third success.

The Prime Minister announced that she will invite all public companies and state companies to think as Telekom and to develop new solutions with domestic experts and place them on foreign markets, as this will increase their profits.

General Manager of Telekom Srbija Predrag Culibrk said that more than 1,000 sensors have been installed in Belgrade and added that the new system will save a lot of money.

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