Youngsters from 20 Nations Exibhit Cultural Aspects at 'Global Village' in Dehradun, India

Youngsters from about 20 nations presented cultural and other aspects of their countries at the AIESEC annual programme 'Global Village' here on Sunday. AIESEC volunteers from different countries performed at a local mall for the visitors and interacted with them. They had souvenirs, photos, magazines and cuisine from their respective countries on display. There were various contests for the audience as well. Speaking about Global Village, AIESEC Dehradun president Upasana Ray said that it encourages social sustainability, world awareness, and cultural understanding. Participants from countries including Bulgaria, Italy, Greece, Portugal, China, Taiwan, Russia, Mexico, Bahrain, Morocco, Indonesia, Tunisia, Algeria, Germany, Kyrgyzstan, Sweden, Hongkong, Turkey, Kenya and Angola, have been in Dehradun for six weeks, volunteering in different social projects.        

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