Ambassador Maior supports more prominent role of Romania in redefining economic development framework in transatlantic space

Romania's Ambassador to the US George Cristian Maior believes that it is high time that Romania assumed a more prominent role in redefining the economic development framework in the transatlantic space and that the Strategic Partnership between Romania and the US has the capacity to endorse such a role.

The diplomat made this statement in Bucharest on Thursday, at a meeting with representatives of member companies of the American Chamber of Commerce in Romania (AmCham), an event he was invited to attend alongside US Ambassador to Romania Hans Klemm, the US Embassy in Bucharest informs in a press release.

Ambassador George Cristian Maior particularly stressed the existence of very good conditions for building close relations between the Romanian and US entrepreneurs, encouraging the representatives of industries in Romania to participate more actively in the opportunities opened through the dialogue and coordination existing on a governmental level.

In the dialogue with the AmCham members, the Romanian diplomat voiced the interest to support the initiatives and programmes of the Romanian-US business community, through the endorsement for organising Romanian economic missions in the US and facilitating the access of Romanian entrepreneurs to the resources of expertise, organisation and funding of the large US business and innovation centres.

Through the simultaneous presence of the two ambassadors, the meeting represented a first in promoting the dialogue of the two diplomatic missions with the US business environment in Romania, the release reads.

The discussion highlighted the importance of the Romanian-US Strategic Partnership in shaping up Romania's profile as an increasingly more present and involved political and economic actor in the transatlantic dimension. Through the significant potential of investments, capital of ideas and creativity, accessibility and entrepreneurial spirit, the US business environment can become a valuable support point for the path of the Romanian economy. This trend is already visible in the intensification of the coordination on a governmental level between the two countries, aimed at creating the requirements for an even higher connection between the Romanian and US private sectors.

According to the release, this was the main goal of the recent economic events on the bilateral agenda, the Trade Winds economic mission, carried out last autumn in Bucharest, the repeated US economic delegations in areas such as technology, energy, auto industry or agriculture, the programmes for the increasing number of Romanian companies participating in Select USA investment forums two years in a row, as well as the business forum within the Three Seas Initiative Summit, to take place in Romania in September this year. AGERPRES (RO - author: Mariana Ionescu; EN - author: Adina Panaitescu, editor: Rodica State)

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