Deadline of all deadlines - May 2019?

Untying the "Kosovo knot" has been the focus of attention domestically for months, and it seems a final deadline for a final agreement has come from Brussels.

Although political figures in high-ranking state posts often mentioned various deadlines and suggested dates for a final solution, given the current situation in both Belgrade and Pristina, their eyes are more than ever on the EU.

On the one hand, the Serbian political leadership faces, probably unexpected to them, resistance in an attempt to find a solution to the Kosovo problem, while the proclaimed idea - whether referred to as delimitation, land swap, or some other geopolitical term - does not seem to be grounded strongly enough in the public to be made an official proposal.

On the other hand, the Pristina authorities, led by the prime minister of the self-proclaimed state, Ramush Haradinaj, are looking for any possibility to take over the negotiating rudder away from Hashim Thaci, whose legitimacy to be in that position is being talked about for months.

Bearing in mind all the factors, announcements and statements that have been indicating that the Kosovo knot might be untangled this year are becoming ever less realistic, which certainly does not meet with the approval of primarily Brussels, given that the mandate of this composition of the European Commission will end in May 2019.

Also, the principle of "nor transferring" and "not introducing" problems into their own, and especially a new yard, that we have had the opportunity to see in the messages coming of Brussels saying the issue of Kosovo and Metohija must be resolved before Serbia gets a chance to join the EU - all tied to the failure of the Brussels administration when it comes to Cyprus - can also apply to the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina.

As a reminder, the story began during the mandate of EU foreign policy chief Katherine Ashton, whose...

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