Residents at Moria refugee camp live in fear, new survey shows

A shocking 65.7 percent of respondents in a new survey conducted at the Moria hot spot and other migrant and refugee camps on the Aegean island of Lesvos said they "never feel safe" in the facilities where they are staying.

The survey by UK-based Refugee Rights Europe was published recently in a report titled "An Island in Despair," which presented findings gleaned from 311 surveys conducted at the camps of Moria - the biggest facility by far and the only "official" one on the island - Kara Tepe and PIKPA from June 18-22 by experienced field researchers and native speakers of all the key languages used.

Most of the respondents, 32.8 percent, at the time of the survey were from Syria, followed by nationals from Afghanistan (26.7 percent) and Iraq (12.9). More than half of the minors interviewed were from Afghanistan, while a substantial 30.4 percent were from Syria. The...

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