Regional authority, migration minister clash over Lesvos hot spot

The Regional Authority of the Northern Aegean issued a stern reply to Migration Minister Dimitris Vitsas who claimed the local governor lacks the legitimacy to close down the identification centre in Moria, Lesvos, pointing to a law on public health risks.

Speaking to radio station news24/7 on Wednesday, Vitsas said Moria does not fall under the jurisdiction of the regional governor because it is not a restaurant or a cafe.

Responding to the comment, the regional authority pointed to a circular published by the Ministry of Health (law 4075/2012) which allows it to "prohibit the operation, temporarily or definitively" of any premises or houses "used for living," if there is a risk to public health.

The law stipultes that "the aforementioned businesses, houses and premises must be closed without further formalities and are sealed by the competent police...

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