Diamandis: Technology is a great tool of democratization

This coming November, an important international institution in the field of technology, Singularity University, will make its Greek debut. SingularityU Greece Summit, which will take place at the Athens Concert Hall on November 19 and 20, will be a showcase of the innovations that are set to dominate tomorrow's economy: the "internet of things," artificial intelligence, biotechnology and so on.

The man behind Singularity University is Peter Diamandis. This passionately optimistic Homo universalis - an author, a scientist and an entrepreneur, among other things - was interviewed by Kathimerini via email and commented on exponential technologies and how they will change the world, as well as the opportunities and the challenges that they will create. He also told the story of his family, and how it infused him with the insatiable ambition which led him to look up to the stars ...

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