Bulgarian MPs Elect Krasimir Vlahov Constitutional Judge on Parliament's Quota

Sofia. Today, the Members of Parliament have voted to elect Krasimir Vlahov member of the Constitutional Court on Parliament's quota, Focus News Agency reports. The proposal was adopted with 127 votes in favour and 55 abstentions.
Krasimir Vlahov was proposed by the ruling GERB party and supported by coalition partner United Patriots. During his hearing at the parliamentary committee he also received the support of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF), while the opposition Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) abstained from voting. In his speech Vlahov thanked the MPs who had put him forward, pointing out that for almost 30 years of its existence, the Constitutional Court has become not only a guarantor of the Constitution but also a guarantor of the democratic transition. He further said that he supported the introduction of an individual appeal to the Constitutional Court that would give citizens direct access to the Court without the mediation of the Supreme Bar Council or the Ombudsman.

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