Bosnia: Croat rep announces lawsuit against Croatia

The newly-elected Croat member of the Presidency of Bosnia-Herzegovina has announced a lawsuit against Croatia over the construction of the Peljesac Bridge.

In an interview with Croatia's public broadcaster HRT, Zeljko Komsic said, a day after he was elected, that"Croatia had "twice broken a convention on the law of the sea."

"We have the right to sue the Republic of Croatia before the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea in Hamburg because it twice violated the International Convention on the Law of the Sea by drawing the sea border," he said, and added:

"Why is that being bound to the Peljesac Bridge? Because you are using it as a trump card, you will not determine the border at sea, you will not even comply with the Tudjman-(Allija) Izetbegovic agreement on the sea border. Because, if you respected this agreement, you would know over which sea this Peljesac bridge must span - over Bosnia-Herzegovina's sea."

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