"100 years of negotiations is better than one day of war"

Aleksandar Vucic has emphasized that it is "important to call for peace, because it is always better to negotiate for 100 years than to fight for one day."

On the eve of participating in an inter-religion conference in Astana, Kazakhstan, the Serbian president told reporters that the president of Kazakhstan is organizing this gathering for the sixth time in order to contribute to moving various traditional churches closer together.

Another reason is "to gave the opportunity to politicians worldwide, even if it sounds familiar, to call on people again to peace and consider if there is a greater value than that."

"It's no coincidence that Shimon Peres and many others who earned the aura of true peacekeepers spoke at this gathering. It is better to negotiate for 100 years than to for fight one day," the Serbian president stressed.

Vucic pointed out that it was necessary for believers of traditional religions to understand that "everyone has one God, believes in similar things and has the same values."

"This is a good opportunity for people from different parts of the world to come and try to exchange attitudes that influence having more rational relationships in the world, simply for peace to be the one that will prevail. I am honored to be able to attend the gathering on behalf of Serbia and say a few words," Vucic said.

The event will conclude the president's two-day visit to Astana, where he arrived at the invitation of the Kazakh president.

Economy and sovereignty

Aleksandar Vucic on Tuesday thanked his Kazakhstani counterpart Nursultan Nazarbayev,for support to the territorial sovereignty of Serbia, suggesting that the two countries should strengthen their economic ties.

Vucic also thanked Nazarbayev for his firm position on Serbia's vital interests related to Kosovo and Metohija, Beta agency reported.

"I'm grateful for your...

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