Beyond mere promotion - a story about falling in love

When the famous wine correspondent from the Financial Times, Jancis Robinson, visited TILIA ESTATE in Potoče, Vipava Valley, she described its founder, Matjaž Lemut, as "the most cosmopolitan Slovenian producer". No wonder - he gained his wealth of experience in Switzerland and California, and his knowledge and passion for winemaking are highly appreciated around the globe. As an internationally acclaimed expert in viticulture and winemaking, he is a sought-after oenologist. He consults to the Croatian wineries, Feravino in Slavonija and Ipša in Istria, Rebula Svetlik etc. His wines are featured at acclaimed restaurants and stores in Belgium, France, Germany, Croatia, Poland, the Czech Republic and US. Under the slogan "House of Pinots", Matjaž and his team strive to compete with the world's greatest masters.

But, stopping at Lemut's impressive recognitions...

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