Over one third of Romanians live from one day to the next (survey)

More than half of the Romanians (60pct) say they have bank loans, whilst over one third (37pct) say their mandatory monthly spending matches exactly the amount of their income, a sociological survey related to the Romanians financial habits, published on Thursday, reveals.

The results of the iSense Solutions research, ordered by Kruk Romania on the Day without Debts occasion, an initiative celebrated on 17 November reveals that 30pct of those who already have a bank loan would like to ask for another loan in the next year, but accessing another loan aims to pay a previous credit, which might lead to "a debt spiral".

As regards the accessing of a loan, the Romanians trust the banks the most, 83pct of them saying they would contact such an institution in the case they needed the money.

On the other hand, 14pct of those interviewed mentioned that they would take a loan from a non-banking institution should a banking institution refuse to grant them a loan. Moreover, 70pct of the Romanians who have accessed a new loan in order to cover a previous debt believe that their situation will improve in the future. In addition, 45pct of the Romanians have no family savings, and the reason why Romanians do save up is especially for the unexpected situations they might have to face.

Over half of the interviewed persons (58pct) are willing to participate in a free online training session to learn how they should manage their monthly budget.

The research methodology implemented by iSense Solutions was an online survey, on a rd 900-people panel representative at national level from both urban and rural milieus, with a distribution of 600 free of debts respondents and rd 300 respondents with debts.

Kruk Romania is a member of the Kruk Group and was established in 2007.AGERPRES(RO - author: Daniel Badea, editor: Mariana Nica; EN - author: Maria Voican, editor: Simona Iacob)

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